Can I get my own colors?

Yes, simply choose any color  and just send us a message of your color selection from any national brand. We will send you a separate comfirmation about the color size.


Do you use any MDF, veneers or wood substitutes?

No. We only uses pine and birch products. Our primary wood are Douglas and Hemlock Fir due to their strength and finishing characteristics.

We also do not use reclaimed wood due to the lead and other chemical hazards which are not seen.


What if I need a different size not listed?

No problem. We are always changing thing a couple inches here and there.  Usually changes due not increase the price of the underlying item.


How long between order and shipment?

About 2 weeks. You will get update along the way and a photo of the completed item shortly before shipment.


How is shipping computed and why do you charge shipping?

In most cases shipping is free. If shipping is charged it is charged based on weight and size.  You will see all shipping charges, if any, at the time of checkout.  Also see Shipping and Returns 


Reviews .... Where are they?

This site is fairly new and will take a while for reviews to populate here. However we have been selling our items since 2005. Here are a sample of the reviews on items we sell on Amazon and Etsy. Click Here

Is your site secure and private?

We like to think so as we use independent services to provide us with a highest level of encryption to protect our customers. Also your information stays with us and is not sold or shared with anyone. See our Privacy Policy.